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Happy Puppy
Fur Kidz

Fur Kidz grooms all sizes of dogs  (we do NOT groom cats).

We service most of the state of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts

YOUR PET IS NEVER  LEFT ALONE.  THERE ARE TWO OF US TENDING TO YOUR PET AT ALL TIMES DURING THE GROOMING PROCESS..........and you are welcomed to stay with your pet if you wish.

  • Saves drop-off and pickup trips to the groomer

  • Eliminates car sickness

  • No exposure to other dogs, diseases, or

  • No cages or tranquilizers

  • Personally hand dried (not cage dried)

  • Convenient services at your home or office

  • One on one personal pet care

  • No separation anxiety

  • Sanitary environment

  • High quality and natural products

  • A grooming experience that you and your pet will love

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